Project lead times are reduced up to 50% when building with SIP panels.

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    • A single wall panel weighs up to 80kg
    • Two men can carry one panel
    • A team of six men can erect the walls for a 40m2 house in 2 days
    • The panels are joined with a male-female interlocking system and are then screwed together
    • Once the panels have been erected, a ring beam is fixed over the panels to form an additional locking mechanism
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    • The lightweight steel roof trusses can be flat packed and assembled on site
    • The roof trusses are erected and fixed to the ring-beam
    • Trusses are designed for either concrete roof tiles or sheeting
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    • Ceiling boards are fixed to ceiling brandering
    • Internal panels are jointed and then skim plastered
    • Wiring for electrics are drawn through conduits
    • Finishes completed as per customer’s specification
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    • An expandable waterproof compound is used to close the joints
    • An alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh is fixed to the board and a polymer based plaster is then applied to the mesh
    • The plaster is then painted once it has dried
    • The house looks and feels like a conventionally plastered house, but has all the benefits of a thermally insulated, modular building system