We aim to add real value from a clear understanding of our customers needs.Read More »


We aim to add real value from a clear understanding of our customers’ needs.Read More »


We aim to add real value from a clear understanding of our customers needs.Read More »


PREFAB SPROUT INT provides quality temporary and permanent modular buildings and construction management services. We build efficient spaces to service the needs of multiple sectors, including education, healthcare, housing and other commercial and private enterprises.

Our expert team works in partnership with our customers to assess their needs and devise quality modular solutions that are delivered on time and on budget. With professional project management and solid workmanship, together with our focus on quality materials and attractive aesthetics, we are well positioned to respond to a wide range of modular construction needs. We can also provide support in a wide range of additional areas including site management (which covers site analysis, preparation, and landscaping), transportation, as well as erecting and dismantling structures on site.

Our solutions are particularly relevant (though not limited) to the following environments –>


PREFAB SPROUT delivers environmentally friendly Prefab Modular Office buildings that meet the highest standards.


We understand that the needs of Healthcare Professionals can be more rigorous and challenging than for other building applications.


Our range of Prefab Modular School buildings provides bespoke, permanent or temporary school buildings or classrooms.


Our Prefab Modular Toilet and Shower Units are high quality and sustainable long-term solutions.


PREFAB SPROUT’S Alternative Building System and Modular Prefab System are a solid walled, rapid building system. Since it can be flat-packed and easily transported, the system can be used to address space and facilities requirements in both urban and rural areas, for both private and commercial customers.

Structures built using our modular building systems are strong, durable and reliable. They are especially valued for their stability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our completed structures are lightweight and easy to transport between different places. Maintenance costs are minimal.